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Property Developer: Suntrust
Project Location: Brgy.Punta, Calamba, Laguna
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: 60 sqm – 176 sqm
Price Range: Php 2.7 M – Php 5.4 M

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Suntrust Sentosa By Suntrust

Bonding with nature is greatly felt while the family is at your side. Conceiving Modern Asian theme, The Sentosa is a brilliant style of community giving the family the best opportunity to nurture and engulf a pristine living. Another offering from one of the finest developers in the country, Suntrust Properties, Inc. (SPI) had just made this treasure enclave out of the ordinary. The property is primarily a residential house and lot development (or lot only).

The property is located in Brgy. Punta, Calamba, Laguna. This area is the epicenter of the province that provides a gateway to most of Laguna's Industrial and Economic zones. The property sits on 21.8 hectares of prime land overlooking Mt. Makiling and the stunning Laguna Lake, where lush green environment highlights the place. The property's location is accessible through SLEX when originating from Manila and the Maharlika Highway when originating from most of the Southern Tagalog provinces.

The project is consists of 3 phases having houses in Modern Asian-inspired construction. Houses are classified as Bungalow, Duplex (Single-Detached) and 2-Storey Townhouse. Size of house range from 60 to 176sqm, really spacious compared to other developments and cleverly planned.The amenities are one for the books, such as swimming pool, multi-purpose hall with viewing deck, basketball court, clubhouse, and picnic grove with orchard, landscaped parks, playground, and pocket parks and other water-themed features. Your children will enjoy the choice for their school as the Colegio de San Juan de Letran, St. Francis of Assissi College, Canossa Academy, AMA College and Don Bosco College are all within reach.

Medical centers and other health institutions are very near the property, such as Calamba Doctors' Hospital, Calamba Medical Center, San Jose Trauma Hospital, St. John the Baptist Medical Center and J.P. Rizal Memorial Hospital. Workplaces abound within the vicinity of the site such as the Samsung Electronics, Avon Philippines, Nestle Philippines, and the Light Industry and Science Park II. These places are the best opportunity to hone skills and craft while you go home to relax and play with your children at the Sentosa. If there are workplaces there must be entertainment and supplies aside from luxury living. The SM Calamba, Calamba Trade Center, Walter Mart, Calamba Consumer Market and the Canlubang Town Golf Course could easily be reached as road arteries in this area are readily accessible without heavy traffic. So, whether you are tired or consumed by work, go home to your family quick and easy when you are in Sentosa!

Suntrust is one of the best places in Calamba, Laguna. Built on 21.8 hectares of prime land, this residential community is strategically positioned to meet all your home needs. Laguna is one of the most populated areas. A lot of people live in towns including Calamba City. However, most young professionals and middle class employees want to own a home in a quiet place away from the dusty urban homes. Buying a piece of land and building a house is expensive and time consuming. It may take you up to 5 years before you have home. Luckily, you can now take a mortgage and buy an already built home at Suntrust Sentosa.

Inspired by a modern Asian theme, this community provides its residents with the space they need. If you have been looking for privacy, these are house units that guarantee privacy. If you want to live in a family bonding community, this property provides you with a happy environment consisting of new neighbors and friends. The house units are well planned such that every resident has his own compound. If you want to bond with your neighbors, there are various amenities in the community that you will enjoy together.

This property has been constructed by Suntrust Properties Inc. This is one of the finest property developers in Philippines. Suntrust has been trusted to develop most of the condominiums in most parts of the country. They are known to transform rural-abandoned lands in the outcasts into prime residential communities. The aim of this developer is to provide affordable homes to those families renting in various urban properties. If you have been thinking of buying a home, make sure that you look for a house unit developed and finished by Suntrust.

Suntrust Sentosa is a 3 phase project. Already, most of the house units have been occupied. The area is one of the fastest growing communities in the country. Thanks to the development of this community, there are lots of neighboring shopping centers, petro station, and churches among other institutions.

Building Features

Sentosa is a large community with different types of house models. Unlike the urban apartments, this property not only provides you with a house but a home you can raise your family. As an investor, you have a wide range of house units. You can buy a bungalow, 2 storey townhouse and duplex (single-detached).

House Models

The community consists of several house models. These models vary in size and features. The main reason to have several house models is to provide a variety of choice. If you want a small house, we have a house for you. If you have a large family, you will also find a house in this community.

This is a full 2 storey house built on a lot area of 80 sqm and floor area of 90.4 sqm. Every unit has a balcony where you can relax as enjoy a cool breeze from the mountains. Leia has great house features including 3 bedrooms, 1 toilet and bath and a carport. Each unit also has a kitchen area, dininig and living area.

This is one of the ideal house units for large families. Each house unit is on a floor area of 115 sqm and lot area of 176 sqm. Niran is also a full 2-storey building with 4 bedrooms and 2 toilet and bath. Every homeowner also has a carport with ceramic tiles. Among the features include a family area, living, dining and kitchen area. Niran house models also include stone cladding façade.

This is another full 2-storey house model built on a lot area of 176 sqm and floor area of 149 sqm. Each unit comprises of 3 bedrooms, 3 toilet and bath, dining area, kitchen, 1 entertainment room, family area and stone cladding façade. You will also enjoy parking your car at the ceramic tiled carport.

This is another house model that suits young families. These house units are on a 160 sqm lot area and 90.44 sqm floor area. These units have 2 bedrooms, 1 toilet and bath, carport, dining, living and kitchen area. If you have a small family, then this is best house unit to reside in. Young professionals have also been starting their life in these units as they are affordable.

This is the other bungalow that suits small families. The unit has 1 bedroom, 1 toilet and bath, dining room, living and kitchen area. Each unit also has a carport with ceramic tiles.

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Suntrust Suntrust Sentosa in Laguna, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Suntrust Sentosa, then check here first. We have full details of Suntrust Sentosa updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping or showroom visit, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. Always only buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents.

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Suntrust Sentosa Location

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Suntrust Sentosa - Price List

Suntrust Sentosa For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Prices Area(sq.m.) Notes
Shanata ₱ 5,922,420 Lot Area 176 sqm / Floor Area 171.5 sqm
Niran ₱ 4,515,860 Lot Area 176 sqm / Floor Area 115 sqm
Amaya ₱ 5,131,820 Lot Area 176 sqm / Floor Area 149 sqm
Leia Premium Complete Combined ₱ 4,746,550 Lot Area 160 sqm / Floor Area 150.4 sqm
Leia Premium (2-Storey Duplex) ₱ 2,320,870 Lot Area 80 sqm / Floor Area 90.4 sqm
Leia Standard (2-Storey Duplex) ₱ 2,029,900 Lot Area 80 sqm / Floor Area 60 sqm
Azumi - Twnhse Quad (Finished-End ) ₱ 2,073,360 Lot Area 75 sqm / Floor Area 84 sqm
Azumi - Twnhse Quad (Finished-Inner) ₱ 1,931,850 Lot Area 60 sqm / Floor Area 80.93 sqm
Azumi - Twnhse Quad (Bare-End) ₱ 1,741,050 Lot Area 75 sqm / Floor Area 72.6 sqm
Azumi - Twnhse Quad (Bare-Inner) ₱ 1,614,380 Lot Area 60 sqm / Floor Area 67 sqm
Kiara - Twnhse Quad (Finished-End ₱ 1,980,080 Lot Area 75 sqm / Floor Area 79.13 sqm
Kiara - Twnhse Quad (Finished-Inner) ₱ 1,883,090 Lot Area 60 sqm / Floor Area 79.13 sqm
Kiara - Twnhse Quad (Bare-End) ₱ 1,728,330 Lot Area 75 sqm / Floor Area 65.2 sqm
Kiara - Twnhse Quad (Bare-Inner) ₱ 1,614,380 Lot Area 60 sqm / Floor Area 65.2 sqm
Aya - Combined (SD) Complete ₱ 2,636,750 Lot Area 160 sqm / Floor Area 90.44 sqm
Aya - Combined (SD) Bare ₱ 2,595,410 Lot Area 161 sqm / Floor Area 88.24 sqm
Aya - Bungalow Duplex (Finished) ₱ 1,493,010 Lot Area 80 sqm / Floor Area 52.57 sqm
Aya - Bungalow Duplex (Bare) ₱ 1,316,520 Lot Area 80 sqm / Floor Area 37.87 sqm
Aeon - Combined (SD) Complete ₱ 2,371,750 Lot Area 120 sqm / Floor Area 71.6 sqm
Aeon - Combined (SD) Bare ₱ 2,167,700 Lot Area 120 sqm / Floor Area 71.6 sqm
Aeon - Bungalow Duplex (Finished) ₱ 1,185,610 Lot Area 60 sqm / Floor Area 41.44 sqm
Aeon - Bungalow Duplex (Bare) ₱ 1,084,380 Lot Area 60 sqm / Floor Area 28.94 sqm

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