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Special Features and Amenities

The comfort of a community depends on the features and amenities within it. Everyone has his/her own dream home. You’ve probably been dreaming of having a swimming pool, gym area and among other things. At Suntrust Sentosa, we give more than you can dream of. The community has high class amenities that boost your lifestyle. All residents have equal access to the facilities. Among the special features include;

Security Features

First, Suntrust Sentosa is a gated community. The property has a full perimeter wall where no unauthorized persons are allowed. Security is so tight such that there are hired security personnel at the gate. When you arrive at this project, you will also notice a receptionist where visitors are issued with a gate pass.

The community also has several CCTV cameras and alarm systems. In case of an emergency, you can easily get help by using the alarm system. Every house unit has a door bells and an alarm system. With these security apparatus, you are assured of your security and safety.

Entertainment Features

Sentosa is full of entertainment amenities. There are amenities for both kids and adults. First, there are kids’ and adult swimming pools. If you want to hold a party, there is a multi-purpose hall. You can also enjoy the beauty of the area by relaxing at the view deck. The community also has a clubhouse, pocket parks, picnic grove and parks. For kids, there is a playground with several playing equipments. You children can have fun within the community.

Water and drainage system

Clean water and poor drainage are among the common problems in urban houses. If you have been living in Calamba town, you have probably faced these challenges. It is our expectations to live in a healthy and environmental friendly community. This is exactly what Sentosa provides you. First, you are aasured of clean water from the borehole within the community. The water reservoir ensures that there is adequate water for the entire community. The developer has also ensured that the drainage system is effective. With the underground drainage system, there is no water logging in the community.


Parking is a major problem in the urban centers. Here, every home its own parking lot. Once you buy a house, you are assured of ample parking. The parking is conveniently positioned away from playing kids.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Multi-purpose Hall / View Deck
  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball Court
  • Picnic Grove / Orchard
  • Parks & Playground
  • Pocket Parks
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